About us

NOAS is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) agency founded in 1978 to serve children and families, with programs built on our mission to promote lifelong permanency for current and former foster youth by recruiting, preparing and supporting families and positive connections. NOAS has placed over 1,300 children into loving, adoptive homes throughout NE Ohio.

While NOAS is perhaps best known for our work related to foster care and adoption, we have grown into much more than a placement agency. While we hope every child finds their forever family, this is not always the case and NOAS is committed to serving children, families & young adults no matter what.

With the goal of supporting our clients every step of the way, NOAS has grown to include the following programs:

NOAS provides qualifying young adults with a supportive caseworker to help guide them as they transition to independence.

Because we believe in the power of ONE caring adult, NOAS launched a volunteer mentoring program for current and former foster youth. The program allows teens and young adults to form health connections while having fun new experiences in the community.

Parenting children from hard places has unique challenges, but TBRI®, an evidence-based parenting style designed by Karyn Purvis, offers helpful guidance for parents. NOAS provides TBRI® classes and coaching, designed to support parents and children by prioritizing connection.

NOAS foster and adoptive families come together once a month to share victories, challenges, and suggestions. Families receive training credits towards renewing their license, free childcare, and dinner.

NOAS is committed to meeting children, families and young adults where they are and providing the necessary support for them to thrive.