Michael, Age 17

Michael is a very thoughtful young man who likes the outdoors and nature in general. Michael also likes to be social, interacting with friends to keep up to date on current events and activities. Michael is exploring getting a part-time job so he can earn and save money. Michael loves to read and enjoys action and adventure storylines. He also enjoys sitting down and watching a good movie that has plenty of action and adventure in it. Michael’s favorite food is pizza or any Italian food in general. Finally, Michael is a big fan of playing video games but understands how to strike a healthy balance between gaming and being social with others.

Michael is open to having either a two-parent or single-parent family who would be accepting of him and supports him in his everyday endeavors. Michael is open to LGBTQ families who also would be willing to accept and support him. Michael would benefit from a family that has structure and practices positive role modeling. Michael wants a family that is honest, open, and understanding. Michael would continue to grow in a positive way with a family that is nurturing, stable, and has the patience in truly getting to know him. Michael is open to building a relationship with a family that could eventually lead to adoption.

Ready to take the next step?

Learn more about Michael and the adoption process by contacting NOAS’ Family Recruitment Training Coordinator

Cindy Wallis at 800-686-6627 ext. 126 or email: cwallis@noas.com

Become A Mentor To A Local Foster Youth

Ordinary things like forming safe and lasting relationships, problem-solving, goal setting, applying for college, and setting boundaries can be a great challenge for foster youth.

A caring and well-trained mentor can inspire and guide a foster youth ages 12-17, or a former foster youth ages 18-21, to pursue a productive future and reach his or her full potential. Mentor One Who Needs Someone.

Michelle Wolcott at 330-856-5582 ext. 123 or email: mwolcott@noas.com


17 years old

17 years

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