Christopher, Age 13

Christopher is a charming boy who has the brightest smile. He likes to be on-the-go outside flying kites, fishing, swimming, or riding bikes whenever possible. Chris also enjoys arts & crafts, playing board games, and coloring. His favorite subject is math because he likes a challenge. Chris is an animal person. He would love to visit a zoo or aquarium and hopes to be a dog trainer when he gets older. Chris isn’t picky. He loves spaghetti and hotdogs but will eat most veggies too!

Chris suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was three years old. He needs a family who can provide him with a great deal of structure and who is able to meet his sensory needs. For example, he uses push/pull exercises, big squeezes, rocking, and jumping jacks to help him regulate especially when he first wakes up. Chris desires to be adopted by a mom and a dad. It would be a bonus if they have a pet Husky or Great Dane! Chris does best when he feels valued by the adults in his life. He seldom turns down the chance to help with cooking or cleaning. He prefers to live in the country where he would have a lot of room to play. He is also open to attending church. Chris describes family as being a safe place. Can you provide the structure and safety he so desperately desires?

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Learn more about Christopher and the adoption process by contacting NOAS’ Intake Specialist at 800-686-6627 ext. 126 or email us at

Become A Mentor To A Local Foster Youth

Ordinary things like forming safe and lasting relationships, problem-solving, goal setting, applying for college, and setting boundaries can be a great challenge for foster youth.

A caring and well-trained mentor can inspire and guide a foster youth ages 12-17, or a former foster youth ages 18-21, to pursue a productive future and reach his or her full potential. Mentor One Who Needs Someone.

Call the Ignite Mentor Coordinator at 330-980-4505.


13 years old

13 years

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