About our mentor program

After seeing the urgent need for supportive role models, NOAS developed the IGNITE Foster Youth Mentoring Program: MENTOR One Who Needs Someone.

The program matches both current foster youth ages 12-17 and former foster youth aged 18-21 with a healthy adult connection in their community.

NOAS serves at-risk youth who are in need of permanent connections due to being in foster care and having been exposed to trauma that could hinder their adult life, socially and academically.

Did you know?

  • Foster youth lack a permanent figure in their lives to serve as a role model and mentor.
  • You can become an influential presence in a child’s life without the full commitment of foster care or adoption.
  • Foster youth lack dependable relationships that begin during childhood and continue on into adulthood.
  • You can provide the secure, caring, and consistent relationship needed for teens and young adults to achieve their greatest potential.