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Zayne, Age 11

Zayne loves spending time outdoors running around, riding his bike, dirt bike, and 4-wheeler. He has a sweet tooth, especially for chocolate candy! He has a smile that is contagious. Zayne is intelligent, kind, and is able to express himself quite well. Like other boys his age, he likes building with Legos and enjoys using his imagination when playing with Avenger’s action figures. Though he is small in size, his personality is mighty!

Zayne is a country boy at heart. He would love to live out in the country where there is a lot of room for him to play and explore. He would like to have a mom and a dad. Zayne would do best being the only child in the home. It will take some time for Zayne to build trust with an adoptive family so a family who is patient and will meet him where he is at will be important. When he thinks of family, he thinks of togetherness, love, and safety. Zayne has a strong connection with one of his former caregivers and maintaining that relationship is crucial. He is a little boy who needs a lot of love and nurturing. A family with a nurturing maternal figure would be perfect.

Ready to take the next step?

Learn more about Zayne and the adoption process by contacting NOAS’ Family Recruitment Training Coordinator

Cindy Wallis at 800-686-6627 ext. 126 or email: cwallis@noas.com

Become A Mentor To A Local Foster Youth

Ordinary things like forming safe and lasting relationships, problem-solving, goal setting, applying for college, and setting boundaries can be a great challenge for foster youth.

A caring and well-trained mentor can inspire and guide a foster youth ages 12-17, or a former foster youth ages 18-21, to pursue a productive future and reach his or her full potential. Mentor One Who Needs Someone.

Michelle Wolcott at 330-856-5582 ext. 123 or email: mwolcott@noas.com


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