LaBreia, Age 14

Labreia is an adorable young lady with such a loving heart. She believes that she is Bruno Mars’ biggest fan! Labreia loves to play with baby dolls, drawing and creating and dressing up. She wants very much to please others and responds well to positive reinforcement. Labreia can be a very helpful and kind, and longs for the attention and care from a mother figure.

Labreia desperately wants a family that will help her to feel safe and loved. She longs for a mom to take her to get her hair and nails done and spend quality time with her. Labreia is working to address her past trauma at her current group home placement, but is ready to step-down into the right family. Labreia does struggle interacting with same age peers, but wants very much to have friends. She will need support in managing her emotions and employing positive social skills. Labreia is open to any family composition that would provide her with a mother to nurture her and share the “girly” things she enjoys.

Ready to take the next step?

Learn more about LaBreia and the adoption process by contacting NOAS’ Intake Specialist at 800-686-6627 ext. 126 or email us at [email protected]

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Ordinary things like forming safe and lasting relationships, problem-solving, goal setting, applying for college, and setting boundaries can be a great challenge for foster youth.

A caring and well-trained mentor can inspire and guide a foster youth ages 12-17, or a former foster youth ages 18-21, to pursue a productive future and reach his or her full potential. Mentor One Who Needs Someone.

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14 years old

14 years

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