Janeysha, Age 16

Janeysha is a creative girl that loves to draw, color and make crafts. She also likes cooking, cosmetology, and tattoo art. Once she graduates high school, she would love to pursue a creative or artistic career. Janeysha says she just wants to “be a teenager” and have a more “normal” life. Like many teens, she enjoys music, amusement parks, and playing video games. Janeysha is respectful, kind, and very protective of those she cares about.

Janeysha is very open to any parental dynamic as long as she is loved. She does, however, request that she has no sisters; if she does have a sibling, she would like for him to be an older brother. When asked why Janeysha explained that she is laid-back and doesn’t like the drama that comes with sisters or younger children. Janeysha wouldn’t mind living in the city, country, or anywhere in-between. Janeysha loves animals, so any pets would be very welcome.

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Learn more about Janeysha and the adoption process by contacting NOAS’ Intake Specialist at 800-686-6627 ext. 126 or email us at contact@noas.com

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A caring and well-trained mentor can inspire and guide a foster youth ages 12-17, or a former foster youth ages 18-21, to pursue a productive future and reach his or her full potential. Mentor One Who Needs Someone.

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16 years old

16 years

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