Delshawn, Age 17

Delshawn is so full of artistic creativity! He loves to draw and is teaching himself origami. He recently turned peanut tins into bongos! His favorite thing to do is play Minecraft on his tablet. Delshawn has improved in school. He says he was born to do math. He hopes to become an astrophysicist some day. Delshawn likes to wear stylish clothes. He dreams of traveling to Mexico in the future. His favorite food is watermelon.

Delshawn has been described as an old soul in a young man’s body. He desires to have a family who lives in the country and loves the outdoors as much as he does! He can see himself working hand in hand with his new dad building a treehouse or going hunting and fishing. Delshawn does well with animals and would enjoy having a beagle dog as a pet. Ideally, Delshawn would be the only child in his new family. However, he could be placed with older children. He prefers a mom and a dad but is open to other family structures. Delshawn has birth siblings and grandparents with whom he wishes to remain in contact.

Ready to take the next step?

Learn more about Delshawn and the adoption process by contacting NOAS’ Family Recruitment Training Coordinator

Cindy Wallis at 800-686-6627 ext. 126 or email: cwallis@noas.com

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17 years old

17 years

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