Ja’Cary and Larry are an adorable sibling group, who are in need of a loving and patient family! Both boys are very active but can be very cuddly and sweet! Larry loves playing with trucks and watching his favorite cartoons. Ja’Cary really enjoys playing in his activity tunnel. Ja’Cary is mostly non-verbal but has began imitating his big brother.

Ja’Cary and Larry have been residing in the same foster home together for a considerable amount of time and need to be adopted together. Both boys have medical concerns and developmental delays, so a two parent household would be beneficial, with a family committed to their care and advocacy. The boys continue to make progress with the assistance of their foster father and service providers. Larry, who was non-verbal for most of his life, is now speaking in 3-4 word sentences. He also accomplished the goal of potty-training in the last year! Ja’Cary is working on his verbal skills which will help him express his emotions in a positive way. Both boys function best in a home with structure and consistency, so a family capable of providing this is vital.