Gavin is a great young guy. He loves playing football and hopes to play in the NFL one day. He also enjoys drawing freehand and is pretty talented. He would love to see the ocean some day on vacation. Gavin loves to eat pizza with cheese and loves Pizza Hut pizza. He is an avid super hero fan and his favorite super hero is Spiderman. Gavin enjoys animals, particularly cats.

Gavin is an active boy with a great imagination. His favorite subjects are math and reading. He is also interested in video games like many boys his age which could turn into an interest in programming games. He is eager to be adopted and be part of a non-judgmental family. He knows he is smart and thinks before speaking or answering questions. Gavin would not mind having siblings. He sees family as nice, respectful and caring. He does not mind only having one parent but prefers two. He is fine with going to church also. A family into outdoor activities like sports and more would be great. Gavin has been adopted once already and will need a family that will not give up on him no matter what.