Northeast Ohio Adoption Services provides adoption and foster care services to teens and school-age children in the child welfare system by recruiting, preparing, and supporting specialized families. We are a registered 501 c (3) organization. Your donation directly funds the cost of finding adoptive families for Ohio’s waiting children.
The children with whom we work are special….very, very special. What they have lived through in their young lives, thankfully, most of us will never experience.

Many of them have special needs, some are differently-abled, a few are sibling groups, and all have been permanently removed from their birth families because their families could not, or would not, care for them. These children are waiting….waiting to start again….waiting for a forever family…waiting for what so many of us take for granted—love, food, clothing, shelter, security, and of course—some toys, a computer game, and perhaps a puppy!

With the reduction of adoption funding in Ohio, the work of Northeast Ohio Adoption Services has been made much more difficult. We are continuing to work with the economy and diligence. We have worked hard to reduce our costs. Our staff is one-half the size we were years ago, yet we are strong, determined, and very narrowly focused on our primary mission—finding families for Ohio’s waiting kids—the ones who need us most! We need you now—more than ever.

I hope you will consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Northeast Ohio Adoption Services this holiday. If you would like more information about our funding, our services, please feel free to call the agency at (330)856-5582 or email Your support makes dreams come true!

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