Brista is an energetic and spirited girl who loves to show her creativity through coloring and drawing. She has quite a collection of stuffed animals and seldom leaves home without them. Brista can usually be found listening to her mp3 player and has recently developed a love for gymnastics. Her goal is to own a smart phone someday, but for now she uses her pretend one. Brista’s favorite subject is math & her favorite food is spaghetti.

When asked what type of family she preferred, Brista responded, “I want someone to love me and take good care of me!” Brista could be placed in a home with sisters. She loves going to amusement parks, indoor water parks & trampoline parks. Brista has a complex combination of diagnoses so a family with an understanding of her special needs would be beneficial. She would do best in a smaller school environment and is open to attending church. Brista has also done well taking care of pets such as gerbils and cats. She will require much of your time, but it will be time well spent.